A little background first

I started out of high school working as a machinist.  For almost 10 years, I had a complete machine shop at my disposal for any projects I had.
I started putting together my shop after I left working in machine shops.  I enjoyed working with anything mechanical but not having access to machines like lathes or mills, made it difficult to repair or make things that I was able to do very simply when I worked in a shop.  I started by buying an "all-in-one" machine by Shop Task.  It filled a hole for a bit but it quickly became more work to setup or change from mill to lathe than it was worth.  I soon found a Southbend 10" lathe which made life easier.  I could leave the Shop Task as a mill.  After a bit I 'upgraded' the mill to a Grizzly knee mill.  Life was good.  I had a real lathe and a real mill.  The WWII Southbend did good but had limitations for what I wanted to start doing.  The flat belt slipped, no reverse, etc.  After a couple years, I added a Grizzly lathe.